The Why

The Why

The Why.

We are all called to a purpose. This means that our lives, and my practice, cannot be defined by What we do, but rather Why we do it. At Southern Rivers Dental we obsess about the why, or what we call our Vision. Our practice exists to make an eternal difference on our patients and community through the works of oral healthcare.

Dentistry is what we do, but it is only a vessel to make a lasting relationship and impact with our patients. We are a Christian organization, and our foundation is built on principles that honor people, relationships, and the pursuit of excellence.

A vision, in business and life, must be measurable. We measure our impact by two important variables. The first is the amount of patient growth we have per year. We have grown exponentially over the last six years and leverage that to make relationships with our patients. The second measure is our quality. We analyze quality by how good our dentistry care is (internal audits) and by our patient experience. We will always have complete transparency in our treatment, billing, and scheduling. I wanted to begin this blog with complete transparency on my vision for Southern Rivers Dental.

To put it plainly, we exist for you, and I personally thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Charles B. Smith DMD