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Our dentists is dedicated to providing comprehensive and personalized care to meet your unique needs. We offer a wide range of dental services and employ the latest dental technologies.

Dental Xray


We are passionate about your oral health and strive to deliver exceptional outcomes daily. We are dental health leaders because we utilize the latest technologies and research to ease your comfort and provide the best results around.

Modern technologies provide a more comfortable dental experience, shortens procedure times, and improves treatment outcomes for you and your family.

Learn more about a few of our modern dental technologies below


Panoramic x-rays create two-dimensional, flat images of your entire mouth. This includes dental issues that may be lurking below the surface. These landscape and high-definition views help our dentists spot potential issues like bone loss, decay, or joint issues before they become serious problems.

If there is a way to make exceptional dental care better, it is through these x-rays. The benefits include:

  • Minimal radiation exposure
  • Environmentally-friendly process
  • Accurate imaging for a more precise diagnosis


CBCT is an innovative medical imaging technique that provides dentists with three-dimensional views of the patient’s mouth. In certain cases, CBCT greatly enhances the ability to diagnose, evaluate, treat and care for our dental patients.

During a scan, the machine captures images using a cone-shaped X-ray beam. These images are then used to construct a 3D representation of the patient’s teeth, oral and maxillofacial region (mouth, jaw, and neck), and ears, nose, and throat.


We are incredibly gentle, but if you need a little extra comfort to see you through your dental procedures. We are here to help.


Nitrous oxide is a safe dental sedative coupled with oxygen. It is inhaled through a small mask. This provides an overall feeling of ease as if you’re floating on clouds. Nitrous oxide is even safe for children.

This comfort technology works quickly and wears off fast following mask removal. This is a great option if you have dental anxiety but also fear IV sedation.


Oral dentistry sedation is a pill taken by mouth prior to a dental procedure. This sedation provides relaxation and promotes ease in our patients.

This is a safe and effective way to get the treatment you need without feeling stressed.


IV sedation is the best option for invasive procedures or if visiting the dentist raises your anxiety levels.

We monitor you closely if you choose IV sedation, and when the sedation wears off, you may discover that you don’t even remember having dental work.


Rotary Endodontics is changing the conversation when it comes to root canal therapy. With Rotary Endodontics, you no longer have to dread root canals, which remove an infection from deep within the teeth. We can treat complex root canals faster and easier, and all thanks to rotary endodontics tools, which also promote faster healing.

Any technology that makes a procedure easier for you, promotes comfort, and optimizes an outcome, is a technology that we will have on hand.