Lasting Smiles Start with Prevention

Preventative Dentistry

Our goal is to provide healthy teeth for life. Research shows that this starts with prevention.

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Preventive dentistry lays the groundwork for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.

We rely on experience to treat patients of all ages. We go the extra mile to give you and your family the best care possible, incorporating all the latest research to bring the latest technologies and treatments to every one of our patients.

We provide patient-centered dentistry with a healthy foundation in prevention.

Preventative Dentistry Starts With Regular Dental Exams

We want to avoid costly and damaging dental conditions for their patients. This is why they promote preventive dentistry, which begins with:

  • A thorough oral health exam by one of our skilled dentists
  • Head and neck screenings for oral cancer
  • Periodic dental x-rays

We are maxillofacial experts. This means we look beyond your teeth—going that extra mile to help you and your family achieve optimum overall wellness.

Tmj And Tmd (Jaw Joint) Treatment

TMJ or TMD checks are also part of our approach to prevention. TMJ or TMD is an often painful condition of the joint connecting the jaw to the skull. TMJ sufferers may notice:

  • Jaw clicking
  • Jaw pain
  • Jaw locking
  • Headaches
  • Painful chewing
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Gum recession

TMD can be caused by trauma or bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching). Often bruxism is not voluntary and happens when you are asleep. In addition to TMD, untreated bruxism may lead to cavities or tooth loss because of enamel erosion or fractures.

We take measures to correct bruxism and treat TMD using nightguards to prevent teeth damage caused by grinding and clenching.

Custom Nightguards

Nightguards prevent teeth grinding and clenching while you’re asleep. If you grind or clench your teeth, it wears down the enamel, which can lead to cavities and breakage.

We create custom nightguards that fit your mouth perfectly. They are easy to wear and play a major role in preventive dentistry.

Professional Teeth Cleanings Are The Hallmark Of Preventative Dentistry

The American Dental Association recommends professional teeth cleanings every six months. At Southern Rivers Dental, we adhere to these guidelines, but you may require more dental cleanings or specialized cleanings if you have specific dental issues. For example, if you have periodontal disease or if your child is prone to cavities.

Professional teeth cleanings are essential because brushing and flossing alone cannot remove the stubborn bacteria that may lead to gingivitis, periodontal disease, and cavities.

Our skilled hygienists can clear away everything that your toothbrush misses – areas that are close to the gumline and in the tight spaces between teeth. Our hygienists also screen for periodontal disease.

Comprehensive Preventative Dentistry In A Relaxing Environment

Southern Rivers Dental provides comprehensive and customized treatment plans for you and your family, and we want to leverage our experience for the betterment of Newnan patients and those in the surrounding areas of Peachtree City, Moreland, South Atlanta, and beyond.

We even have blankets and neck pillows to help you feel at home!

We invite you to schedule dental appointments for yourself and your family at anytime.